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I am an experienced, accredited therapist offering counselling by video conferencing or telephone, based in Manchester and London in more usual times, to explore emotionally difficult patches and get help to move forward. Specialist expertise in working with tech sector employees. I also offer motivational coaching for business or goal setting. I am an accredited member of a professional body and appear on their online register (B.A.C.P.) and GDPR registered which combined offers an assurance of quality and confidentiality. I am also police checked (DBS registered) for safety assurance.

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  • One To One Talk Therapy

  • CBT (Cognitive Behaviour) Therapy

  • Motivational Coaching

  • Trauma Informed Therapy

  • Employee Assistance Programme 


Often people feel very stressed or worried about all manner of things, although you wouldn’t guess this looking at them from the outside. These might be things like difficult life events, insecurity about work, comparing oneself to others and feeling pressured.

Most people have what therapy calls “an elephant in the room" meaning that they have a hidden large problem or worry, that recurs frequently and they try to ignore it. They hope it will just go away, but it can take up more and more of their energy and thoughts, like too many programs open on a computer putting strain on the C.P.U, so the background anxiety drains them, and makes thinking slower and less efficient. These unsolved reels running unconsciously in the background, keep running even when your body is asleep. They can lead to strain in all areas of life.

If some of that sounds like you, then talk therapy can file and cope with these worries better, process life events and allow your brain to return to optimal efficiency, as information gets stored away where it belongs and your system is less in panic mode, when it should be relaxed.


I will support and challenge you, working collaboratively and with respect for your own life choices and beliefs.



I can help you cope with life's challenging segments. People seek help for topics such as: workplace stress, anxiety, depression, feeling sad or unfulfilled, anger management, addiction concerns, panic feelings, poor self esteem, post traumatic stress symptoms and bereavement, to name a few. 

This style of counselling helps people experience more self confidence. It can help you with managing an abuse history, imposter syndrome and dissociative disorders. You will gain a better understanding of difficult past experiences and better ways to cope with present difficulties. 

In addition to being a therapist working privately in London and Manchester, I have experience as an N.H.S. specialist practitioner and work as a consultant and supervisor. I work in an integrative style meaning that I use different approaches like a tool box to suit the needs of each different person. 

Knowing when you need some extra help is a sign of strength.


The primary goals of the way I work are to teach people to steer better through stress, not just mentally hang on and allow it to control them. Therapy does not simply address symptoms, but supports people to take positive steps of permanent change. This is done by building on the resources they already have. It teaches skills for stress management, we may find it is not usually the actual things that distress us, but how we interpret those things,  or our own outdated way of reacting to those things. Learning how to pause, reflect on inner experience, not react hastily or emotionally and just let thoughts and feelings be, can help ease stress and anxiety.

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As well as targeted EAP (employee assistance provider)  work, my other specific area of professional interest, is in working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), including working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and those who suffer dissociation after trauma (feeling numb or blank).

I am  trained to use empirical diagnostic tools to see how deeply people are impacted by difficult life events.. In addition to being a therapist and coach in private practice in Stratford, London, I have experience as an N.H.S. specialist practitioner and work as a consultant and supervisor.

Understanding why past life events can sometimes trigger overwhelming feelings, is a process that can be thought through, understood and changed.



Coaching can help people find meaning, direction and develop their potential in a safe, none judgemental sessions drawing on both psychological and philosophical approaches to considering life limiting blocks, develop emotional intelligence and change locked automatic thinking that block personal goals and aspirations. 


Thank you for the opportunity to be able to open up. You‘ve helped me see many choices I've had to make and have given me useful tips to bear in mind.

I enjoyed talking to Zoe. I felt able to talk honestly to her and talk to her like I don't talk to other people I will miss explaining my worries.

It's still there in my head of course, those past events, but now I don't think of it every day and if I do go there I don't feel I am reliving it.




Piccadilly House,

49 Piccadilly, 

Manchester M1 2AP

Venue is 5 mins from Piccadilly mainline station and a short distance from tram stops.


Stratford Workshops,

Burford Rd,

London E15 2SP

Nearest tube is Stratford Station or High Street Stratford (DLR only) which are a short walk away.